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Inside the Pallet House

In a time when Sports and Politics dominate the airwaves it has become evident that we need a podcast that focuses on the the never ending fight to solve our First World Problems. Inside the Pallet House gives you a look inside the lives of your hosts, and guests that join them to rate beers and bring their collective experiences together to conquer the problems that face us all.  Recorded every week in Richmond, VA, and listened to around the world.

Oct 23, 2020

A vacation away is always a good thing, even when they don't go right there is joy to be found in the adventure. This week we recap a staycation in which half of this week's crew enjoyed the Pallet House, while the other half crushed some fish.  Well if you watch other's catch fish it still kind of counts. ...

Oct 16, 2020

This week we continue our conversation with Ray from Spirit Halloween, and we learn the true significance of which political mask you buy.  We are revisited by our favorite Disney Princess Jasmine, if only in our minds, and we are still missing the O.  

Oct 9, 2020

Fall is here, and it isn't just Pumpkin Spice Lattes that usher in its arrival.  The true sign of the season is when you see the Spirit Halloween signs go up on the stores in your area.  We are joined by our friend Ray to learn more about the ins and outs of Spirit Halloween.  As one of the few year round employees,...

Oct 2, 2020

A tale of two golf courses is told, with a flood in between to wash away the trash.  We also learn how ones man's trash, can be another man's art.  Unfortunately some trash gets recycled, and while that is normally a good thing, this time it is truly foul.