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Inside the Pallet House

In a time when Sports and Politics dominate the airwaves it has become evident that we need a podcast that focuses on the the never ending fight to solve our First World Problems. Inside the Pallet House gives you a look inside the lives of your hosts, and guests that join them to rate beers and bring their collective experiences together to conquer the problems that face us all.  Recorded every week in Richmond, VA, and listened to around the world.

Jun 8, 2016

When it comes to jewelry Mr. T's signature necklace is always in style, but bracelets seem to be hit or miss.  We discover a very old brewery that has found an interesting way to modernize without sacrificing its past, and another beer that appears to be in the wrong industry all together.  An odd talent pops up into the  conversation, and gets us a bit sidetracked.  The world lost one of the greatest boxers of all time, but the legacy he leaves behind is a bit more complicated than his record in the ring.  We also learn that the person who finds you after you pass matters more than you might think to the legacy that you yourself will leave behind.  Another conspiracy theory finds its way to the show, but this one comes from one of the smartest people on earth...and from a movie from the 90's.