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Inside the Pallet House

In a time when Sports and Politics dominate the airwaves it has become evident that we need a podcast that focuses on the the never ending fight to solve our First World Problems. Inside the Pallet House gives you a look inside the lives of your hosts, and guests that join them to rate beers and bring their collective experiences together to conquer the problems that face us all.  Recorded every week in Richmond, VA, and listened to around the world.

Jan 12, 2017

No matter where you went this week there was a pretty good chance you were going to travel through some snow.  Snow can make it difficult to travel even when you have the perfect truck for the journey.  Sometimes the easy answer is to travel by sled, but when doing so on roads even that can prove to be dangerous.  Other times the mission can be ruined not by the elements, but rather by a lack of attention to detail.  We do learn of a new way to help improve your focus so you don't forget things, but we are not sure we are ready to commit just yet.