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Inside the Pallet House

In a time when Sports and Politics dominate the airwaves it has become evident that we need a podcast that focuses on the the never ending fight to solve our First World Problems. Inside the Pallet House gives you a look inside the lives of your hosts, and guests that join them to rate beers and bring their collective experiences together to conquer the problems that face us all.  Recorded every week in Richmond, VA, and listened to around the world.

Apr 29, 2016

This week we say Congratulations to Taylor Carson on the release of his latest album, Go Amaze.  We wonder if The Karate Kid was really a victim, or if he was a punk just picking on another misunderstood kid made to look bad in typical 80's movie fashion.  It turns out you really can mix a tiger and a lion, but nothing about what can be done in Myrtle Beach should come as a shock anymore.  We learn that true wealth is built on a solid foundation of chains that is.  Too often what is found on Facebook is treated as fact, but sometimes a good old fashioned letter and a notary is the fastest way to the truth.  Our Production team is pushed to the limit, and if you take a drink each time you notice a production glitch, you just might have a good time.