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Inside the Pallet House

In a time when Sports and Politics dominate the airwaves it has become evident that we need a podcast that focuses on the the never ending fight to solve our First World Problems. Inside the Pallet House gives you a look inside the lives of your hosts, and guests that join them to rate beers and bring their collective experiences together to conquer the problems that face us all.  Recorded every week in Richmond, VA, and listened to around the world.

Apr 28, 2024

The day is finally here.  We are putting Guinness and Murphy's Irish Stout head to head in a blind taste test.  There has been a lot of talk about whether or not Guinness is merely a marketing engine that has pushed the other stouts out of the way, or if it really is the best beer in the world. Today we will find...

Apr 21, 2024

This week many of us learned basic economics by way of basketball.  Others of us learned about cloud seeding by way of a disaster. Of course as you can imagine we don't learn enough to come out of this episode that much smarter.

Apr 15, 2024

We revisit our memories of OJ, some good, some bad, but there is no denying that dude could run.  We also are reminded that being homeless isn't always a bad thing.

Apr 7, 2024

It's Spring Break, but that doesn't mean we aren't putting out a new episode.  Yep, we are committed to the cause...for now. It is this kind of dedication that can get you an Uber across state lines.